InnoCare: A Healthcare Technology Company

InnoCare Healthcare helps clinicians all over the world to manage their clinics so they can do less paperwork and spend more time caring for patients. Our software and services work together with our partnerships to help clinics deliver the best patient experience.

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Who We Are

We are a global technology company that merges communications, marketing, healthcare, and technology. We pride ourselves on our partnerships with industry leaders and maintain relationships with healthcare providers that share our vision of high quality, patient-oriented care.

We are a member of the Watchstone Group plc, able to draw on the expertise, resources, and solutions of other innovative group companies in a diverse range of sectors.

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What We Do

We partner with clinics and connect them with patients in their area. We combine our centralized marketing and billing services with your clinical expertise to create an optimal customer service and patient care experience. By building an accessible network of great clinics, we allow patients to get excellent care close to where they live and help boost the revenue of our clinic partners.

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How We Do It

Using our proprietary technology and state of the art call centre, we can book hundreds of patients into our partner clinics every day. We operate as a leading preferred provider to the Motor Vehicle and Extended Health insurance sectors, helping adjusters place their clients directly into our clinics. Because our centralized billing department processes all patient claims, clinic partners increase their assessment numbers without any additional administrative burden.

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