Auto-generate forms

Transform assessment and discharge notes into complete third party insurance forms.

Why it matters:

Cut your paperwork in half, put an end to double entries, and reduce clerical errors

Intuitive mapping

For each assessment select up to 25 pre-filtered diagnostic codes.

Why it matters:

Easily map complex treatment plans and streamline affiliated paperwork.

Note management

Produce professional quality documents to print, fax, or securely share electronically.

Why it matters:

Show referring Physicians their patients are in good hands with your professional chart notes and forms.

What else can Charting do?

Save you time! InnoCare Charting doesn’t just fit into your workflow; it streamlines it with intuitive and easy to use features like:

Seamless intake & check-ins Add a patient and check them in, all at once.
Find Search for patients by phone number, first name or last name.
Arrival times See when patients are checked in, and how long they’ve been at reception.
Cloud-based Securely access Charting from anywhere.

Save & view open notes

Save notes to finish later and easily view all your open notes in your dashboard.

Single page soap notes

See your entire SOAP note on one page, and print it too!

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