Grow Your Clinic and Shrink Your Costs with InnoCare Assist

Expand your patient base, raise your revenue and lower your overheads with the Assist Clinic Partnership Program. One monthly payment gets you more patients, digital marketing support, and one of the leading practice management softwares on the market.

How It Works

How the InnoCare Assist Program Works

  • The InnoCare Assist Partnership Program works with you to grow your clinic’s brand awareness, generate higher levels of new patient leads, and increase your revenue while decreasing overheads - all for one monthly fee and no upfront cost.

  • As your partner, your success is our success. That means we’re invested in your consistent growth through initiatives such as digital marketing support, doctor referrals, access to our preferred provider network, and clinic business development via InnoCare’s corporate & insurance partnerships.

  • The Assist program is designed to provide a quality partnership for all levels of business development, from entrepreneurs fresh to the field of clinic ownership to those with decades of experience in running their own practice.


Benefits of the InnoCare Assist Partnership Program

  • No upfront cost: One monthly fee, based partially on your clinic’s revenue

  • Patient lead generation: Digital strategy, a library of professionally designed, customizable clinic marketing materials, and marketing support services from the experts at InnoCare

  • Higher levels of referrals: Access to InnoCare’s exclusive Boost Preferred Provider Network, doctor referrals, and clinic business development through InnoCare’s corporate & insurance partners

  • Clinic brand building: Complete brand audit with expert recommendations for clinic marketing

  • Improved practice management: Includes subscription to InnoCare clinic management software

  • Call answering service: Provided by InnoCare’s Connect service at no extra charge

Ready to start or grow your clinic? Call us at 1-877-987-2831 to speak to an Assist Support representative and get started today.

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FAQs About InnoCare Assist

Who is responsible for billing my patients?
  • We handle the billing for motor vehicle accident (MVA) patients, including any extended health benefits coverage they may have, as well as any workers compensation claims.
  • Your team will be responsible for billing patients that use extended health benefits; this is made simple and effortless with InnoCare Software’s direct insurance billing integrations.
What administrative support does InnoCare provide me as a business owner? As an Assist partner, we provide you with extended health benefits administration, IT support, as well as InnoCare Software and Charting+ training for all current employees and new hires. How many InnoCare Software and Charting+ licenses do I get with Assist? Unlimited. You get an unlimited number of InnoCare Software and Charting+ licenses for providers practicing out of your location. How does Connect Call Answering work with my current front desk staff? When will the call centre answer my calls?
  • With Assist, you are given unique call routing for your phone number.
  • New patient calls are sent to the Connect call centre where our agents are trained to help new patients and book them into your schedule.
  • Existing patient calls can be forwarded through to your clinic where patients can speak to your front desk team if you wish.
Why should I choose to partner with InnoCare?
  • One of the greatest advantages of partnering with us is our proven business model that addresses every aspect of clinic growth.
  • Many of our clients see a 10% to 30% growth in revenue in as little as 12-months. That’s because we’re able to not only lower their operating costs, but also increase their patient caseload at the same time.
How does joining the Assist Partnership Program get my clinic more patients?
  • You get more patients to grow your caseload from several sources when you join the Assist program.
  • Patient referrals come from our corporate partners, insurance partners, paid advertising, clinic directory listings, doctor marketing, our Canadian-based call centre, and organically through our patient-facing websites.
Can I own or operate more than one Assist Partnership clinic location? Yes, there’s no limit on how many clinics you can have in the Assist Clinic Partnership Program. However, we do ensure that each clinic meets specific location requirements. Do I need to be a clinician to partner with InnoCare?
  • No, you do not need to be a clinician to partner with us.
  • However, our Assist Clinic Partnership Program is best suited for outpatient rehabilitation clinics. We typically partner with physiotherapy clinics, massage therapy clinics, acupuncture clinics, and chiropractic clinics.
Can you own a physical therapy practice without being a physiotherapist (PT)? Yes, in many provinces you do not have to be a clinician to own a clinic. We have experience and business support to help you succeed. How active do I need to be in the day-to-day operations of my clinic?
  • It all depends on how you’ve structured your clinic.
  • Assist will help make your clinic less owner dependent by taking care of administration, marketing, and patient generation. If you’re a treating clinician, you can then use that time to see more patients or focus your efforts elsewhere.
  • Many of our Assist partners take the extra time and devote it to opening second and third clinic locations.
What is the difference between joining the Boost Preferred Provider Network and becoming an Assist Partner?
  • Boost is for clinic owners that are happy taking care of all their daily operations but want a constant source for new patients
  • The Assist Clinic Partnership Program is for clinic owners that still want that consistent referral source but are also looking to reduce their operating costs and administrative burden.
Do you have physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic or other physical rehabilitation clinics for sale? At this time we do not buy or sell clinics. But if you’re considering purchasing a clinic and think Assist might be right for you, please get in touch we’re happy to help any way we can. Where are InnoCare's Assist Partnership Program clinic's typically located? Assist network clinics are typically located in cities or towns with a population greater than 40,000 people. How do I open a new Assist Partnership clinic? Our Clinic Consultants can help you with every aspect of opening a new allied health clinic. They’ll assist you with issues such as clinic location scouting, business planning, equipment sourcing, hiring, training, and much more. I’m a new physiotherapy grad, is opening a new physiotherapy business right for me?
  • Determining if you're well suited to owning a clinic can be a challenge, so we’ve created this handy checklist to help.
  • If you’re unsure what’s involved with owning or opening a clinic, you might want to watch our webinar Cost vs. Reward: Should I Open my own Clinic?, in which we go over every aspect of clinic ownership with an actual clinic owner.
What are the benefits of owning my own physiotherapy business? We discuss a lot of the benefits in our webinar Cost vs. Reward: Should I Open my own Clinic?, but some advantages include increased freedom, a better work/life balance, and increased income, to name just a few.

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If you have any further questions about the InnoCare Assist program, or if you're ready to open or grow your clinic with us today, then give us a call at 1-877-987-2831 to speak to an Assist Support representative and get started today.