Build a Bigger Patient Base at Smaller Cost Through Boost PPN

Get new patients, fill your schedule, and build your practice with our preferred provider network with Patient Lead Generation.

How It Works

How the InnoCare Boost Program Works

  • Boost is our exclusive preferred provider network. In order to be accepted for membership, clinics must pass our quality assurance audit, to help ensure we partner with like-minded clinics who are focused on providing the best in patient care and experience.

  • Through Boost, we share patients seeking physiotherapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, and other rehabilitation services with qualified clinics like yours.

  • We generate these patient leads from a variety of sources, including doctor referrals and insurance & corporate partnerships, and then send them directly to your clinic. All you have to do is give high-quality care.

  • Boost is the fastest and easiest way to grow your patient caseload with no added effort. Once you sign up we’ll send patients to you. It’s just that easy.

  • Ready to start or grow your clinic? Call us at 1-877-987-2831 to speak to a Boost Support representative and get started today.


Benefits of the InnoCare Boost Program

  • We handle 100% of the lead generation: As a member of our Boost program, all you have to do is continue providing your patients with high-quality care - we handle the heavy lifting and send the leads your way.

  • Get new patients from multiple sources: Our network of patient leads extends to doctor referrals, corporate partners & insurance companies.

  • Digital marketing support: Your InnoCare Boost partnership comes with professional digital marketing services that help put your clinic on the map for patients who are actively searching for you.

Ready to start or grow your clinic? Call us at 1-877-987-2831 to speak to an Assist Support representative and get started today.

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FAQs About InnoCare’s Boost Program

Who can join Boost? InnoCare Boost is available to any clinic looking to increase their patient caseload without increasing their marketing budget or administrative work. All clinics are subject to an onboarding audit to ensure certain requirements are met. What’s included with Boost? Boost clinics are listed with all InnoCare Preferred Provider Relationships as well as listed on two corporate web directories. For patients injured in Motor Vehicle Accidents, we manage the file for you, ensuring that all paperwork and billing administration is completed efficiently. Are patients required to use a Network member? No. As per all Preferred Provider relationships, patients have the right to receive care from the practitioner of their choice. I’m a therapist, but I don’t practice physiotherapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, or acupuncture, is Boost still a good option for me? Yes, Boost can certainly help any clinician build their practice. Reach out to our Customer Engagement Team to discuss your business needs. How do you track patients? We track patients using the InnoCare Clinic Portal. Boost clinics log in and use the “Track and Trace” feature to record visits. How do you get Boost patients? Patients are referred through our preferred provider networks. These networks are established with insurance companies, employer groups, student networks, and insurance broker groups. They also find InnoCare clinics through our web presence and digital marketing campaigns. How do I know when a patient is a boost patient? You will be notified by phone or email about new Boost patients. All new assessments are also listed in the Clinic portal. Do you directly book patients into my clinic? Yes, if you have InnoCare Software we can book directly into your clinic. How many patients can I expect to get? The amount of referrals you can expect varies depending on your clinic’s location and hours. Can I be part of multiple networks? InnoCare does not have restrictions in place limiting your involvement with other networks. But it is important to note that insurance providers and employers will restrict a clinic to being only part of one Preferred Provider Network. Who does the paperwork? There is no extra administrative work related to joining the Boost Network. Your clinic team will continue to be responsible for completing your usual charting. However, all submission and follow up of this paperwork is completed by our team. We do require Boost clinics to track patient care in the “Track and Trace” portion of the InnoCare Clinic Portal.

Contact Us

Contact Us About InnoCare Boost

If you have any further questions about the InnoCare Boost program, or if you're ready to open or grow your clinic with us today, then give us a call at 1-877-987-2831 to speak to a Boost Support representative and get started today.