Why Should I Partner my Clinic with InnoCare?

When you partner with us, you get the same team and business plan that grew pt Health to one of largest outpatient physiotherapy chains in Canada. Better yet, many of our clients see a 10% to 30% growth in revenue in as little as 12-months.

A Clinic Business Plan That Works

We’ve spent decades perfecting our approach to clinic management, marketing, and patient experience. Using our extensive industry experience we make sure every Assist clinic gets:

  • A full audit and action plan
  • Quarterly business development reviews
  • Top ranking web page with expert search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Industry tested physician engagement package to grow their direct referrals

Lower Your Clinic Operating Costs

Expect to lower your base operating costs considerably with our suite of centralized clinic services. Assist lets you focus on the patient care that gives you an immediate return on investment while we handle the rest. You only pay a small monthly fee that is partially based on the revenue we generate together and get:

Photo of physiotherapist holding a patietn's leg with a knee brace on it.

Healthcare Clinic Marketing

The opportunity cost of doing all your own marketing is incredibly high without a guarantee of success. With Assist you get an expert in-house marketing team that knows the Canadian healthcare industry supporting your clinic for guaranteed success.

Directory Listings

Professional brand management on all leading online directories including Opencare, Yelp, Google Business, and many more.

Google AdWords

Get in front of patients searching for your services with our expert Google AdWords and Bing Ads management.

Search Engine Optimization

Expert keyword research and search engine optimization go into every webpage to get your clinic name in front of over 2,400 daily visitors.

Photo of laptop computer showing InnoCare's digital clinic marketing

Proven Clinic Business Development

When you join Assist you join a network of over 100 clinics, and we leverage that size to gain exclusive referral contracts with leading insurers and corporate partners.

Business Insights

Keep growing your clinic with monthly reporting that focuses on the most relevant key performance indicators (KPIs).

PPN Network

Our Boost Preferred Provider Network creates long-term value for your clinic by forming relationships the ensure a constant source of patient referrals.

Physician Engagement

Start marketing to doctors and get direct patient referrals immediately with our professionally designed physician engagement toolkit.

Becoming an Assist Clinic Partner FAQs

Q: How does joining the Assist Clinic Partnership Program get my clinic more patients?

You get more patients to grow your caseload from several sources when you join the Assist program. Patient referrals come from our corporate partners, insurance partners, paid advertising, clinic directory listings, doctor marketing, our Canadian-based call centre, and organically through our patient-facing websites.

Q: How active do I need to be in the day to day operations of my clinic?

It all depends on how you’ve structured your clinic. Assist will help make your clinic less owner dependant by taking care of administration, marketing, and patient generation. If you’re a treating clinician, you can then use that time to see more patients or focus your efforts elsewhere. Many of our Assist partners take the extra time and devote it to opening second and third clinic locations.

Q: What is the difference between joining the Boost PPN and becoming an Assist Partner?

Boost is for clinic owners that are happy taking care of all their daily operations but want a constant source for new patients. While the Assist Clinic Partnership Program is for clinic owners that still want that consistent referral source but are also looking to reduce their operating costs and administrative burden.

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