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3 Ways to Get More Patients Through Your Doors

June 10, 2016 | Article | By: InnoCare
You want to build a healthy roster of loyal patients to keep your clinic expanding. It all starts with that first appointment. For patients to experience your clinic’s quality care and high-level customer service, you need to get them in the door. How can you make this happen? Focus on your business approach.
Here are 3 Ways to Get More Patients Through Your Door.
1) Connect with a business-to-business match
Are you right next door to a hair salon? An ad agency? Take a look at the businesses in your immediate community and make a connection. This isn’t about just dropping off flyers. It’s about first offering a trade (a haircut for a massage; an ad for a chiropractic assessment). This brings them in to have a positive, first-hand experience at your clinic. Word of mouth with their clients and around the office can lead to a great and constant source of new patients.
How InnoCare can help: These connections are a great place to start, but also consider how to broaden this community by taking it online. InnoCare offers opportunities to be part of our directory listing and website with 50,000 visitors per month.
2)   Encourage an open environment
When a clinic has an open environment where staff move about freely and connect with patients in public areas, you’re more likely to develop authentic relationships and cross-treatment opportunities. For example, say Jane comes in for physio for her back and her physiotherapist recommends massage therapy. She is more likely to book an appointment if she meets her potential RMT organically and feels comfortable with that person right away. 
How InnoCare can help: You want your clinicians to have the time to develop these relationships and focus on that high level of patient care. InnoCare offers software to streamline processes for optimum efficiency, giving your team back this valuable time.
3)    Reach out to past patients
Sometimes patients fall off your regular rotation without explanation. Don’t assume it’s because they weren’t happy with your service. A simple call to follow-up and ask how they’re doing (without pressure) can be the best prompt for them to return. They may have additional questions about billing or insurance that held them back from revisiting the clinic. Perhaps they did have an issue that you can easily clear up. Or maybe it slipped their mind to rebook, and you’ve just given them a much-needed reminder.
How InnoCare can help: When your staff reaches out to these past patients, you want to equip them with as much information as you can about the patient’s history with the clinic so that it’s a personalized call. InnoCare’s electronic medical charts and reports make it easy to track a patient’s progress to facilitate reconnections—why they came to you in the first place and where they were when you last saw them.
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