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5 Benefits of Using Charting+ in your Clinic

February 1, 2019 | Article | By: Kaitlynn Bonin

Charting+ is the only SOAP charting that gets you home to your family early. Charting+ isn’t just a digital version of your paper notes – it’s intelligent charting specifically designed for Canadian clinicians. Because it was created by clinicians for clinicians and features the ability to submit feedback, Charting+ is constantly being updated so you can trust it’s the best in the business. Some of the key functions of Charting+ include:

Stay regulatory college and PIPEDA compliant
Assessment forms change based on your province and funding stream. We make sure to ask all the right questions so you stay regulatory college compliant and meet all privacy guidelines. Simply by charting, you create complete, compliant and defensible chart notes.

No more duplicate paperwork
Enter your patient information once and be done with it. No more copy and paste. Charting+ transfers the information you’ve already entered in your assessment to fill out your forms and autofill your SOAP notes, creating seamless treatment plans. Generate provincial workplace injury and motor vehicle insurance forms from your completed chart notes in a single click! Pre-populated forms and treatment notes reduce redundancies; Charting+ has every diagnostic code preloaded and automatically filtered by province and funding stream – you can even select up to 25 diagnostic codes per patient. And never worry about lost patient data again. Charting+ saves open notes every 60 seconds to secure cloud-based storage on Canadian servers.

Reduce rejected claims
Put an end to rejected provincial workplace injury and motor vehicle insurance claims. Our pre-programmed dynamic charting templates will guide you to ask all the necessary questions.

Professional reports
Charting+ makes it easy to transform your notes into professional PDF reports, such as initial assessment forms and discharge reports. They are simple to edit, print, fax, or securely share electronically with referring physicians.

Increase your clinic revenue and build lasting relationships with your patients
Engage email marketing pulls key information from Charting+ to turn your chart notes into automated and personalized emails that will improve patient visit averages, stop self-discharges, improve product sales, and cross-sell clinic services.

Since Charting+ is compatible with both Mac and PC devices and formatted for all devices including tablets and smartphones, it’s no wonder that physiotherapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, osteopaths, kinesiologists and dieticians across Canada choose Charting+ to enhance their clinics and patient experience.

Start your free 30 day trial today. We can carry over any data inputted during the trial to your live subscription; that includes any SOAP notes, assessment notes, discharge notes, and patient intake information.