Illustration of a computer showing social media faces

5 Reasons Your Clinic Needs a Social Media Presence

September 6, 2016 | Article | By: Kerrie-Ann Bernard

The power and influence of social media can’t be denied with over 2-billion people with active social media accounts. That’s a huge potential audience available to you with little to no cost. But what are the real benefits of getting your clinic on social media? 

Increase credibility

For many people, the internet is the first and only place they look when trying to find a good or service. Having an online presence (across more than one platform) shows that your clinic is credible, trustworthy, and established. Not only that, it gives potential patients an easy way to get in touch with you.

Save money

Social media marketing is significantly less expensive than traditional marketing techniques. So, if your clinic is looking to stretch out its marketing budget, it only makes sense to experiment with social media marketing. 

Build relationships

Platforms like Twitter allow you to directly connect with patients- present, past, or future. Better yet, they offer unparalleled access to an enormous potential customer base. Simply by answering questions, sharing your clinic’s story, and engaging, you build a relationship with clients. This positive interaction makes for happy customers that turn into champions for your clinic!

Learn more

Through repeated interaction, you start to get a feel for the wants and needs of your patients. Social media allows you to gather this information faster than in person and on a much larger scale. Allowing you to shift operating hours, services, or any other adjustments that your clients might want. 

Recruit staff

Social media is a fantastic place to show how fun and fulfilling it is to work at your clinic. Highlight your fabulous staff and your great corporate culture and quality employees are sure to take notice.