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7 Ways to Get Your Clinic Noticed on Facebook

July 5, 2016 | Article | By: Heather Bridge

A new study by G/O Digital revealed that before people spend money at a local business, 62% check out Facebook first.

What does this mean for your clinic? If you aren’t on Facebook—or you are and its not up to date—potential clients could surf along to your competition. And with over 30 million active small business pages on this platform, there are bound to be other clinics waiting in the water.

Company information, customer engagement, service reviews: Facebook is a social media channel that can strengthen your clinic’s web presence, making it easier for new clients to find, explore and sign up for services.

So how do you get Facebook friendly? Here are 7 Ways to Get Your Clinic Noticed on Facebook.

1. Fill in all company info

Make sure this is current and complete. Include a short description of your clinic and its best feature, along with your website, business hours, phone number, address, map and a general inquiry email address. Also, consider allowing check-ins and ratings/reviews on your page (if the category you’ve chosen for your clinic doesn’t allow for some of these options, you can always change it). Make sure you’ve got a relevant profile picture and cover photo (hint: they should be different!).

2. Create a personalized web address

Help potential clients find you when searching online by choosing a username—preferably your clinic name to avoid confusion, provided it’s still available (i.e. This username is different than your user ID, which is the string of numbers given to your page upon signing up.

3. Post unique content

Does your clinic website have a blog? Facebook is the perfect display window for it! Include 2-3 sentences to give followers a sneak peek, along with the link to the rest. You can also post open-ended questions to encourage debate (which you’ll want to monitor closely).

4. Share health-related articles

Show you’re paying attention to what’s happening in your field by sharing posts from other non-competing but relevant businesses. It’s a quick and easy way to keep updating your page with new posts, without always needing to produce original content. Plus, it may prompt that business to share your content, which gets your clinic name in front of their followers.

5. Focus on visuals

In a HubSpot study, posts with photos were shown to get 53% more “likes” than posts without. Facebook is now designed to make images and videos more prominent—make sure you’re using these habitually.

6. Connect with staff

Encourage your staff to link the clinic’s page to their personal profile under the “Work and Education” section. This builds the authenticity of your page by giving it active, human faces, rather than just a company logo.

7. Update regularly

While your profile picture may stay the same, the rest shouldn’t. Update your cover photo regularly, depending on the season or specific promotions. If any company info changes, make sure it gets updated right away. Commit to at least 1-2 posts per week and consider a budget for paid promotion to grow your following—you want anyone coming across your Facebook page to know you are alive, well and ready to help them on their road to health.

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