Image of Aaron de Mello, Ben Burbridge, and Rachel Friesen

Behind the Scenes of InnoCare Charting: Q&A with Systems

November 14, 2016 | Article | By: Kerrie-Ann Bernard

We’ve been talking a lot about the upcoming launch of InnoCare Charting+, but how did we get here? And most importantly, why electronic charting? To get a behind the scenes info on the development of Charting, we’re interviewing our Systems team: Ben Burbridge (Director of Systems and Innovation), Rachel Friesen (Business Process Manager), and Aaron de Mello (Senior Developer). 

Q: How did we get here? Where did all this start?

A: Well, it all began in August of 2015 with extensive discussions with clinicians, practitioners, and front desk staff at clinics across Canada. Working in tandem with staff allowed us to target pain points that were affecting clinicians workflow and patient experience.

Using the information we gathered, we began a well-planned development/testing process which continued to collaborate with these clinical staff to ensure we were proceeding down the right path to success!

Q: Do you have any funny stories about the development process?

A: It may not be funny to all but deciding which ‘Body Man’ (anatomical map) image to use within InnoCare Charting was entertaining. From deciding on the required resolution to the definition of the muscles. It made for sometimes embarrassing conversations!

Q: What are you and the Systems team most excited about?

A: I’d have to say, enabling clinicians to chart on a tablet. Being mobile (literally) will give them the freedom to move around and be even more engaged with their patients.

Q: What part of the process did you love the most?

A: Speaking to clinicians about their own day-to-day experiences. It was a real eye opener!

Q: What do you think everyone will love most about InnoCare Charting

A: The simplicity for sure. We spent a lot of time refining Charting to make it as user-friendly as possible. Incorporating user experience and user interface design principles in at the development stage.

Q: Is there anything else you think people will want to read about InnoCare Charting+?

A: Maybe not read but have a look at our charting videos!

Thank you, Ben and the entire Systems team!

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