Photograph of MacBook Pro running InnoCare Software's end of day report

Clinic Administration Tips: The Ease of the End of Day Report

August 13, 2018 | Article | By: Sara Hodgins

One of the hardest parts of running a successful PT, OT, RMT, DC or any other allied healthcare or rehabilitation clinic is keeping on top of all the little administrative tasks. We know that there is so much happening at your clinic every day that things that can fall through the cracks; that's why we created a suite of reports that will help busy clinic owners stay on top of their incomplete claims, patient fall off/drop-out, patient attendance, payments and financial data, all in one place. Here's how InnoCare Software's End of Day suite of reports make sure that all your t’s are crossed, and all your i’s are dotted! 

Incomplete Mandatory Fields: Stop Rejected Claims

We know that up to 10% of claims are rejected due to missing or incorrect information, this is where the Incomplete Mandatory Fields report comes in. When you select the Funding Stream for your patient in InnoCare Software, it knows which fields you need to have filled out to submit your claim to that specific insurance company. This report will show you all of the missing fields so you can fill out the required information, so your claim doesn’t get rejected, and your A/R stays low

Clients with no Future Appointment: Put an End to Patient Drop Out!

Fall off, drop out, did not attend, whatever you want to call them, some patients will self-discharge before their treatment plan is complete. We've developed the Fall Off Report to help you catch them. With the Fall Off report, You can see which patients from that day (and the last 60 days) attended your clinic but do not have a future appointment booked and are not discharged, allowing you to stay on top of your fall off or discharges. All of the patients' important information is displayed here:

  • phone number
  • email address
  • who they were seeing
  • how many appointments they've had and
  • their injury

Having all this information available at a glance, all in one place makes it easy to call patients and get them back into your schedule.

Attendance Summary: Keep Patient Files up to Date

You can quickly see how many patients came into your clinic that day, ensure everyone has an appointment status (attended, rescheduled, cancelled, etc.) and a charge placed on their account. Did you miss checking someone in or charging someone for their appointment? Well with InnoCare Software, easily find those patients and take immediate action, you can even update the patient’s file directly from this report, no need to switch screens!

Payment Summary: Stay on Top of Patient Payments and A/R

Making sure that your books balance each day is a critical piece of your business! The Payment Summary report shows you all the payments that were made that day. Better yet, it allows you group them by payment type to make sure that all of your payments match up with your Point of Sale terminal receipts and your bank deposit slips. And if you find that it’s not adding up right, you can quickly correct the mistake directly from the Payment Summary report rather than closing out of it and going to the patient file.

Financial Summary: Track Insurance Claims and Charges

If you are working with multiple insurance companies, this report is a lifesaver! If you’re not, this report can be skipped, and you can be on your way home for the evening. The Financial Summary allows you to see all of your charges and claims for the day. If you forgot to invoice an insurance company, you’ll see that here and be able to create and send the claim directly from this report with real-time claim verification too!


InnoCare Software’s End of Day suite of reports is an easy to use tool that takes you through the things that will help keep your clinic running smoothly in 5 easy steps. It makes it that much easier to be able to close up at the end of the day so that you can go home and relax! You can try InnoCare Software for free, click here to find out how.