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Surprising Facts about EMR Use

March 15, 2017 | Article | By: Kerrie-Ann Bernard

We’ve gone over all the reports to bring you some surprising facts about EMR use, adoption, and patient outcomes. It’s clear from these statistics that Canadian doctors are utilizing technology like never before and seeing a real return on investment.

Which provinces fair best in terms of EMR adoption? According to CMAJ, EMR adoption rates vary by province. Surprise or not, Alberta physicians make the top of the list with 87% adoption rate, British Columbia follows in second with 85% and Ontario in third with 83%. Now that so many family doctors use EMRs, providing professional quality electronic documents is even more important.

Providing professional assessment and discharge notes to referring doctors goes a long way to ensuring a continuum of care. It’s no surprise then that the Canadian Health Infoway reports 93% of physicians using EMRs say that they allow them to give improved care. This goes hand-in-hand with a report put out by The College of Family Physicians of Canada that states “nearly seven in 10 physicians felt that EMRs helped improve the continuity of care and level of safety provided to patients.” Not to mention the 65% of doctors that said their patient care became better or much better after implementing EMRs. It’s clear that technology has not only improved communication but significantly improved patient care.

While an increase in care quality is always great, what about the potential loss of productivity EMRs could present? Well, in a 2010 survey by OntarioMD 79% of respondents reported improved or the same level of productivity after switching to an EMR system. 84% of those same respondents reported equal or improved revenue after implementing EMRs.

The numbers are staggering, as primary care practitioners implement EMRs at their practice we see an increase in communication across the healthcare system as well as improved patient care, all without a loss of productivity or revenue. It’s clear that going digital has a substantial impact on Canadian healthcare.

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