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How Collecting Client Feedback Will Grow Your Clinic

July 22, 2016 | Article | By: Heather Bridge

Setting up surveys, entering the ratings in spreadsheets, making follow-up phone calls—it’s a lot of work to collect responses from your clients. Is it worth your clinic’s extra time and resources?

Gathering feedback from your clients will showcase how much you value their opinions and the quality of care they receive. But beyond the good vibes it gives, what it really does is remove the business development guesswork for you.

Examining feedback provides invaluable lessons on how to grow your business based on the needs of the clients who are already coming through your doors. They are telling you what they want, what will keep them happy and coming back. You can then funnel your attention on precisely the areas with the highest potential for growth and development.

1. Identify problems in clinic operations

Is there a technical glitch in your booking process? Was your client not sent a reminder of their appointment? Did the insurance form get submitted with missing fields?

If your client’s experience was anything but completely smooth, they are likely to let you know about it—if you ask. It can be tough to read negative critiques, but it’s the best way to learn. Plus, the small things often have quick fixes—like using InnoCare’s software for online booking, auto-reminders, and auto-populated insurance forms—but make a BIG difference to your clients.

2. Increase focus on areas of excellence

Beyond telling you what’s going wrong, client feedback will also point out what’s going right. If a particular service or combined offering shows up as something clients repeatedly appreciate, then consider including it in a promotion either online or in the community. Be sure to include the client review if you have permission to do so—personal reviews give potential clients a boost of confidence to check out and invest in your services.

3. Inspire additional service and product offerings

Did several clients get RMTs massage but would have loved to explore sensory deprivation tanks? Enjoyed the physical therapy but wanted to pick up a complementary product to help with their recovery? Interested in consultations for other services but nervous about the commitment? Clients are your best resource for what additional services would be most popular at your clinic.

Before you invest in any new equipment, campaigns, products or practitioners, let client feedback guide your course of action.

Need help gathering client feedback? InnoCare can create customized, comprehensive reports to help grow your clinic effectively and efficiently. Call us for a free demo!