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How Electronic Medical Records Strengthen Client Relations

June 24, 2016 | Article | By: Heather Bridge

In a busy clinic, equipping your team with the right tools can make even the busiest clinic run smoother, especially when you’re managing multiple different services all in one location. That way, your practitioners can focus more attention on client care. Everyone wins.

Electronic Medical Records (or EMRs) are an easy and effective way of managing the pain and recovery stories of your clients. Incorporate this software into your clinic operations to see How Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Strengthen Client Relations, both immediately and in the long-term.

Better Communication with Clients

With EMRs, a client only needs to tell his or her pain story once. All details are stored in an accessible and easy-to-navigate form customized for your clinic. This helps with a quick and organized assessment and treatment plan that has significantly fewer errors. Build a client’s confidence in the practitioner working on his or her recovery, and the client knows they have been heard and understood. Practitioners have access to this information with each new visit, eliminating the need for clients to recount the same issues.

Easily Share Information Between Practitioners

From chiropractors to massage therapists to physiotherapists, EMRs provide a smooth transition for clients to move between practitioners in different disciplines. Each practitioner has access to the same information, allowing them to work together to create a comprehensive treatment approach with services that compliment one another. The client then builds trust not just in one practitioner but in the clinic as a whole.

Track Client Needs

EMRs keep clients returning and automatically identify when clients are due for preventative or follow-up appointments. Even when not physically in your clinic, clients feel as though they are always a priority. You can track a client’s recovery and progress to easily pinpoint the most effective treatments, and adjust their treatment accordingly. The client is continually reminded you are walking this journey with them.

Identify Clinic Patterns

When looking at the bigger picture, EMRs can help you track data from your clinic, including what products, services, and people are producing the most results for your clients and what (if any) needs aren’t being met. Finding these patterns provides concrete feedback for your practitioners and staff, so they can provide even better care. When a clinic responds and evolves based on client needs, clients feel in control of their recovery.

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