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How to Track Your Cancellation Rate

October 11, 2018 | Article | By: Sara Hodgins

A cancellation rate is the percentage of patients that cancel their appointment outside of the set cancellation-time-frame or patients that just plain don’t show up for their appointment. It’s the reason that your full schedule can feel so empty some days. And it’s incredibly important to track so that you can ensure it is within regular rates. In the United States, the national no-show rate for physiotherapy clinics is 10.4%, but ideally, you want your cancellation rate to be less than 4%. If it is over 10%, you need to take a serious look at what your policies are in the clinic surrounding cancellations, and even consider implementing a cancellation policy.

Here we’ll review how to calculate your cancellation rate within InnoCare Software so you can make sure you are well below the industry average!

Your cancellation rate is calculated from the Appointment Query. You can set the timeframe that you are looking at; this can be done daily but should at the minimum be run on a weekly basis. You can search for the status Cancelled or No Show, but we recommend running the report with all statuses and then group the Cancelled and No Show appointments together to get an accurate percentage.

Once you run your report, sort it by Status. Your cancelled appointments will be at the top, followed by rebooked and then no-shows. Highlight all of the cancelled and no-show appointments and then hover over them to get a total number. Divide that number by the number of appointments, listed at the bottom of your report, and you have your cancellation rate! If you think you see a trend in someone having higher or lower cancellation rates than the rest of the clinic, you can get more detailed by looking at cancellation rate per provider. It may be worth talking to that provider about how they are communicating with their patients about no-show and late cancellations.

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