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InnoCare Charting is Here!

November 28, 2016 | Article | By: Kerrie-Ann Bernard

InnoCare Charting+ started with the idea that clinicians should be free to do what they're trained to do, care for patients. We want to alleviate the burden of paperwork and free up your time so you can care for more patients. In fact, that goal, letting clinicians focus on patients, is at the heart of everything we do here at InnoCare. 

So far we've talked about the design of InnoCare Charting, both the user experience and user interface, as well as how well it seamlessly fits into your workflow. But you might be wondering, "how does that make the day-to-day life of clinicians easier?" or better yet, how does that make your day-to-day operations better, easier, more efficient?

Let's talk features

We've got clinical experience, so everything we do comes from a clinician's point of view. Not only that, We continuously worked with practicing clinicians, practitioners, and front desk staff at clinics across Canada to make sure InnoCare Charting addressed your specific needs. That's why we think you'll like our electronic charting so much. InnoCare Charting can do a lot but here are a few clinician favourites. 

Duplicate SOAP notes

Are you repeating the same treatment? Duplicate a previous SOAP note and save yourself loads of time. 


Save open notes for later

Like to start your notes and go back later to close them up? No problem! You can save all your notes and come back to them later. Better yet, all your open notes are listed in your dashboard, so they're easy to find. 


See patient arrival times

Not only are check-ins seamless and easy, but you can also see exactly when your patients arrive and how long they've been waiting. 


Single page SOAP notes

You can see an entire SOAP note all on one page, no clicking through tabs. Just all the information you need in one place and easy to find. 


Filtered diagnostic codes 

We link diagnostic codes to our anatomical map; you only see codes associated with that area. No more scrolling through endless lists of irrelevant codes, just the ones you need when you need them.


Of course, there are many more features to InnoCare Charting; you can learn more about them by clicking here


Does InnoCare Charting sound like something you'd like? Skip the trial and start charting live today! Just create an account and select "start subscription." We'll give you 30-days of live charting on us! Click here!