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9 Charting+ Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

April 5, 2017 | Article | By: InnoCare

Charting does so much we added a plus! What can InnoCare Charting+ do? The short answer, Charting+ reduces redundancies, by cutting your paperwork in half so you can spend more time doing what’s important –caring for your patients! Updated features include insurance form auto-generation, expanded neurological testing, and SOAP note auto-population. Here's a detailed list of our newest release:


Auto-generate Forms

Convert your completed chart notes into provincial workplace injury and motor vehicle insurance forms in a single click for Ontario, Nova Scotia, Alberta & BC! Goodbye, paperwork!



Never worry about lost patient information, Charting+ auto-saves your open chart notes every 60-seconds and stores them to finish later.


Professional Reports

Complete your referred patient's circle of care by sending professional Initial Assessment and Discharge Reports. Charting+ makes it easy to transform your notes into professional PDF reports that are easy to edit, print, fax, or securely share electronically with referring physicians.


Seamless Treatment Plans and Data Referencing

Charting+ takes your completed Assessment notes and automatically transfers your objective findings and treatment plan to every new SOAP note.


Diagnostic codes

Diagnostic codes are pre-programed into Charting+, better yet, they're filtered based on province and funding stream to make your life even easier. Not only that, Charting+ lets you map complex treatment plans with up to 25 diagnostic codes per patient!


Neurological Testing

In-depth neurological testing is a breeze with our comprehensive Neurological testing section that includes: Myotomes, Dermatomes, Reflexes, Sensation and Neurodynamic Testing!


Search & add

Search for patients and add new ones directly from your check-in dashboard. Search for a patient that's not there? It's easy, just click "add, " and their name will auto populate from your search to their intake form.



Best of all? Charting+ plays nice with Mac and PC. It's compatible with all the latest web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Safari. For improved mobility, you can use it on your favourite mobile tablet devices running: Android Galaxy 6.0 and iOS 9.x (and above).



Better yet, Charting+ is cloud-based so you can access it from anywhere on your computer or mobile device, and your data is stored securely in Canada; nice!


See what all the fuss is about, try Charting+ free for 30-days! Click here to get started.