Image of Charting+ on a laptop

Need Charting? Here's What to Consider - Part 1: User Interface

October 17, 2016 | Article | By: Kerrie-Ann Bernard

Part 1 of our Need Charting? blog series focuses on user interface (UI) design. You’ve always been taught not to judge a book by its cover but when it comes to electronic charting, how it looks has a direct impact on its usability. So much so that UI should be a primary consideration when you’re choosing any web application, app or software for your clinic. A great UI can signal that an app is easy to use, will fit into your workflow, and increase your credibility as a practitioner simply by using it.


Studies have shown that the design of a product has a huge impact on how users perceive its usability. In fact, design can influence how you perceive information and learn! So, choosing an inexpensive and ugly web application might seem like no big deal, but it can impact how you work. It can slow you down, cause miscommunications and create inefficiencies.  


Good design can make training staff on new systems go smoother and ease any transitions. At face value, people take aesthetically pleasing interfaces as an indication of how usable it will be. The perception of ease (shown in a beautiful, simple, modern design) can make staff more comfortable with your new software. It also gives current and new employees confidence in your practice. It’s a way of signaling that you care about their work by providing tools that work with them and make their job easier. Not only that, but great intuitive design will fit seamlessly into your workflow- a win, win!


It’s no secret that terrible design leads to bad user experience, but it can also hint at the credibility of the company you’re dealing with as well as that of your clinic. Studies show that 46.1% of consumers judge a company’s credibility on its design. This credibility is passed on to you when patients see you using that web app or software. So what does it say if a clinic is using archaic, unattractive or seemingly outdated resources? Well, it calls into question their credibility--not good! Good design, on the other hand, signals that the company you’re dealing cares about the little details and that perception is passed on to your clinic by using it.

While UI design might not have been a consideration while searching for a new charting solution, it is, however, an essential element of usability. Not sure what a good UI is or what to look for when choosing charting for your clinic? Download our helpful wishlist!