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Need Charting? Here's What to Consider - Part 3: Workflow

November 7, 2016 | Article | By: Kerrie-Ann Bernard

Why does workflow matter so much? Well, according to John Tomesco, how organizations (or in our case clinics) manage their “information will be the difference between rising above and falling behind in an increasingly competitive market.” With that in mind, workflow integration must also be considered alongside user experience (UX ) when choosing new e-Charting, practice management software, or any other digital solution for your clinic.

Designed by you

As Carol Cain and Saira Haque, point out, many health IT systems assume a workflow simply by the “way their screens and steps are organized.” That’s why it’s so important to choose an e-Charting solution that has been developed by clinicians instead of simply for them. When software is designed with the help of those who will use it you get a solution that fits seamlessly into your workflow. Things like being able to start an Assessment or SOAP note, save it, and finish later, or being able to duplicate notes, or even just having the correct diagnostic codes for the corresponding injury seem like no-brainers but are all essential to making sure that your e-Charting fits in with your current workflow.

Make life easier

One of the main advantages of going digital is the simplification of tasks. When e-Charting (for example) is designed to fit into instead of changing your workflow, you can be more effective, efficient, and faster. Consider that, 40 percent of clinical office work is redundant or otherwise wasted effort. Consider your front desk staff, are check-ins easy, fast, and straightforward? They should be able to make sure your patients aren’t needlessly kept waiting. Not only that, well designed digital solutions actually make tasks like check-ins and charting tasks easier and faster too!

Privacy really matters

Remember the old days when patient files were kept at the end of hospital beds, or in a pile on a desk somewhere? Well, one of the major benefits of going digital (if you aren’t already) is privacy. That’s because going digital can erase those (scary) privacy breaches mentioned above. With cloud-based electronic medical records (EMRs), such as InnoCare Charting, all your information is kept securely in the cloud and out of reach. In fact, the Government of Ontario has already recognized the privacy benefits of EMRs, stating that they provide:

As you can see, choosing e-Charting that fits into your workflow can not only make your job easier, it can make you more efficient too! With e-Charting, having pre-loaded diagnostic codes, anatomical body maps, and seamless check-in features means you can get more done, with less effort, leaving more time for your patients. 

There’s more to consider when choosing charting for your clinic. To help you find the perfect e-charting solution for you, we’ve made a helpful wishlist! Download your wishlist here!