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Protect Your Clinic From Talent Poachers

May 9, 2018 | Article | By: Kerrie-Ann Bernard

What is Talent Poaching?

Talent poaching, also sometimes called employee raiding is when a company purposefully targets and recruits talent from a competing company. In simpler terms, it's when a clinic down the street contacts your employees (either directly or indirectly) and convinces them to join their clinic team instead.

The job market in Canada is tight right now, demand for rehabilitation services is growing faster than the number of clinicians that can treat them. In competitive job markets, luring talented clinicians from competitors helps save in training costs and gain a competitive advantage. So how do you make sure you don’t lose valuable clinic staff? Below we’ll discuss the most common mistakes employers make and how you can fix them to make sure your employees are happy, and they stay.

Recognize your Talent

The first mistake companies make is not recognizing their top talent. Many employers fear that openly identifying their top talent will come across as favouritism to the other employees. But this is a huge mistake, as the top performers will feel undervalued and dissatisfied.  ​​

How to fix it: Identify your top talents and acknowledge their efforts. Make sure to communicate clearly that you know they're good and that you value their efforts.

Offer a Career not a Job

The second mistake employers make is not setting out a clear and attractive career path. Veteran recruiter Karl Alleman says that many bosses “don’t do a good job of communicating to [top talent] that they see such potential and that they have a plan to help them fully realize it.”

How to fit it:  talk to your practitioners about career goals and build a path that will foster their professional growth and expand their skills. 

Invest in Continuing Education

Not investing in professional development is one of the top reasons companies lose their employees to poaching. Poachers know that professional growth is a high priority for treating clinicians and are making it a big part of their employment offers. 

How to fix it: Include a yearly professional development budget for your employees. Encourage group learning sessions and attendance at relevant conferences.  

Improve your Employment Package

It used to be that providing a competitive salary was enough to attract and keep top talent; that’s not the case anymore. Companies are losing top talent to competitors that offer a more attractive employment package that includes perks like extended health benefits, gym memberships, and RRSP contributions.

How to fix it: Make your employment package more attractive by adding extended health benefits. The yearly cost is significantly less than the cost of recruiting and training a new employee!

Protect your clinic from talent poachers by providing comprehensive health coverage for all your employees. Extended health benefits are an affordable way to improve employee retention, and our group rates ensure cost-effective coverage for everyone at your clinic. Learn more.


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