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Surefire Ways to Reduce No-shows at Your Clinic

October 5, 2016 | Article | By: Kerrie-Ann Bernard

When a patient missed an appointment, it’s a double loss, for you and them. They miss out on needed care, and you have to scramble to fill your schedule. No-shows can be a frustrating and costly part of patient care, but there are ways to reduce them, here are three tips to reducing no-shows at your clinic.

Collect feedback

One of the easiest ways to reduce no shows is to follow up with patients and find out why they’ve missed an appointment. This is valuable information that you can use to not only prevent future no-shows but to improve how your clinic runs. By talking with patients, you may find that your hours of operation just don’t work for them, or maybe they would prefer a different clinician or perhaps you’re booking appointments too far in advance. Whatever the cause, you can’t fix it until you know what it is. You may find out that something as simple as shifting your hours of operation can significantly reduce no-shows. 

Make a connection

When patients feel connected to their clinician, they are less likely to miss appointments. So, make an effort to connect with patients who chronically miss appointments. Even just following up with them and finding out why they’ve missed an appointment and showing concern can help. Either way, developing a rapport with your patients shows not only that you care, but it illustrates the value of your care.

Send reminders

Sometimes people just forget. The top two reasons for missing appointments are miscommunication and forgetfulness. In fact, repeated studies show that sending confirmations and reminders can significantly reduce missed appointments. That’s why sending appointment confirmations, and appointment reminders are the best way to reduce no-shows. 


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