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The 5 Voicemails Every Clinic Owner Knows

December 12, 2016 | Article | By: Kerrie-Ann Bernard

If you Google “awkward voicemail” you’ll get about 449,000 results. We’ve all had them, those cringe-worthy voicemails, the funny voicemails, and the just plain perplexing voicemails. If you’re still using voicemail at your clinic, you or your staff are probably spending up to 50-minutes a week (maybe more!) listening to and returning voicemails. Chances are you’ve encountered at least one of these voicemails this week.

Who was it?

You know this message, the patient says their name so fast that you can’t catch it, or even worse, they don’t say it at all. No context, no name, no appointment time, looks like you’ll have to call them back.

Pocket dial

Even with newer smartphones, pocket dials still happen. Welcome to 8 minutes of muffled voices, ruffling pants, and the car radio.

Can you hear me now?

The patient has left a very thorough and detailed message, the only problem? They kept fading in and out, so most of the message is static. Hopefully, you caught their number so you can follow up.

Wrong number

The message you’re listening to clearly isn’t for your clinic, should you return it? Should you ignore it? In the end, you’ll always wonder what ever happened to that person, are they angry that no one got back to them?

Hang up

The hang up is the worst. Sure it makes for a short message, but it also means you’ve potentially lost a patient. Statistically, patients will hang up and move on to another clinic when they don’t get an answer.


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