photograph of a computer showing an email appointment reminder for a physiotherapy clinic

The Benefits of InnoCare Software’s e-Reminders

October 11, 2018 | Article | By: Sara Hodgins

Have you ever looked at your cancellation rate and wondered what to do about it? Research shows that effectively targeting your cancellations and no-shows can drop the cancellation rate from over 10% to less than 2% in a matter of a couple of weeks. The number one reason that patients don’t attend an appointment is that they simply forgot! And the number two reason is miscommunication between the therapist/clinic and the patient. So how do you combat the two main causes of late cancellations and no-shows? Remind the patient about their appointment of course through an automated reminder. A compilation of international research shows that patients who receive a reminder about their appointments are 23% more likely to attend their appointment than patients who do not! But how do you provide reminders without taking up all of your administrative staff’s time? InnoCare Software has you covered with their customizable, automatic e-notifications, and here are some of the great benefits that set InnoCare’s e-reminders above the competition:

Automatically include personalized details for the patient

InnoCare automatically creates a personalized message to the patient and includes the name of the therapist, the date and the time of the appointment. No special coding abilities are required to get the details of the appointment correct.

Create customizable messages

You are able to customize the rest of the message to include any additional information, such as directions for first-time patients, a reminder of the cancellation policy, or just a simple “Have a great day!” Or, if you’d prefer, InnoCare will automatically add your clinic contact details for you.

You pick the time

You get to choose how many days before an appointment you want the reminder message sent.

Patients can confirm their appointment in real time

Perhaps the main thing that sets InnoCare Software’s e-reminders above other Practice Management Software’s is the ability for the patient to confirm their attendance in real time! All they need to do is click on a link in the e-reminder to confirm that they are coming, and their appointment is updated with that confirmation in InnoCare Software immediately! This makes it easy to see at a glance who has confirmed their appointment.

You pick the email address that the e-reminder is sent from

You can also customize which email address the e-reminder is sent from, and add a blind carbon copy if you want to receive copies of all of the e-reminders that are sent out!

Keep track of your e-reminders

Easily pull reports to see how many emails were sent, who responded, who didn’t, and who didn’t get the email! You can also pull a report to see who doesn’t have an email address so you can follow up with them next time they are in to make sure that they aren’t missing out on their e-reminders.

It’s time to get a handle on your no-show and late cancellation rate, with the help of InnoCare Software’s e-reminders!