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Understanding Queries in InnoCare Software: 101

August 23, 2018 | Article | By: Sara Hodgins

When you went to school to become a PT, you probably didn’t imagine so much of your time would be spent managing your clinic, balancing budgets, and trying to keep up with all of the administrative work that goes into owning and operating a clinic! You wanted to treat patients and get people back to doing whatever it is that they love to do, but the truth of the matter is that there is a lot of work that goes into knowing the ins-and-outs of your business to be successful. The good news is that InnoCare Software makes it easy to pull the information that you need to know and lets you manipulate it into the way that makes the most sense for you to be able to run your business! All of our reports are called ‘queries,’ and you can order them any way you’d like, add or remove information with a click of a button, and re-arrange the columns to put the information you need to see together, next to each other. Some queries that you should be running on a regular basis are:

Referral Query

When running your clinic, it is critical to know where your referrals are coming from! InnoCare Software will show you not only who is sending you referrals, but also allows you to look at the diagnostic and visit history for each referral so you can see whose patients end up completing their recommended treatment plans, and whose patients fall off early to help you tailor your marketing efforts and communication with those referral sources!

Balance Query

Quickly look at how much is outstanding across clinics and funding streams. You set the filters so that you only see outstanding balances above whatever dollar amount you’d like so that you can focus on your big ticket items! You can also sort by the age of outstanding (0-29, 30-59, 60-89, 90-119 and 120+ days) to be able to focus your efforts. And to save you time from getting out of the report to update the patient file with what actions you’ve taken, you can create letters and update your actions for each patient directly from the Balance Query!

Client Query

The Client Query is your all-inclusive report. You can run it as it is set, or adjust the settings to get specific information to show:

Funding Stream

Having a balanced mix of patients is so important to the financial health of your clinic, so the Funding Stream report will show you how many active patients you have in your different funding streams, and will even show you the number of visits and dollar amount that has been charged to each patient.

Date of Birth

Sending out birthday emails, texts, calls or cards can be a great way to keep your patients engaged and let them know that you care. Using the Date of Birth report is an easy way to keep track of your patients’ special day and build rapport with them.

Nature of Injury

Ever wonder what type of injuries you treat the most? Or perhaps you have a therapist who wants to specialize in a specific area of treatment, such as children’s physiotherapy, women’s health, or TMJ, and you want to see what percentage of their case mix is that area of specialty! You can pull this report to see what type of case mix you have. This will not only provide you with valuable information so that you can support that therapist, but could also give you insight on how to market your clinic. For example, are you seeing a lot of post-surgical shoulder patients? Perhaps you should head over to the hospital and let them know that you have a lot of success with these patients and are accepting referrals!

Payment Plan History

Add in the payment plans, the number of treatments charged under that plan, and dollar amount charged for up to 3 insurance companies per patient to ensure you are not over-treating for that patient’s plan.

Appointment Query

This report shows you everything you need to know about your patient’s visit history! You can use the report as it comes, or adjust it to show:

Fall Off

Keep track of which patients do not have a future appointment booked so that you can remind them to keep up with their treatment plan to get the best results from treatment.


You can monitor your patient attendance, cancellation and no show rate through this report to provide valuable information about your clinic's policies. Do you notice you are getting more same day cancellations? Perhaps it is time to re-evaluate your cancellation policy.

Reminder Emails

Ensure that your patients are receiving their email reminders for their appointments with this report, and see how many respond that they are attending once they receive their reminder. 

Unbilled Report

With this report, you can not only pull your unbilled claims, but you can create them in bulk, saving you time and energy! You can also use this report to view outstanding claims and can apply payments to them directly.

Provider Payments

Track the age of your payments to know what your cash flow cycle is like. Based on the Funding Stream that your patient is attending, you can know how soon you should expect to see payments, and this report will let you know if you are on track.

Length of Stay

Knowing the details of how many visits your patients attend your clinic, based on their type of injury, can be invaluable information! Not only will it let you know if you are on track with the recommended best practices for treatment, but it can also be a useful training tool for junior therapists and valuable marketing information for the doctors who refer to you.

Financial Query

All things cash flow are in this report! You can see how much you are charging, how much and many payments you are getting in, and the claim information for your patients. This is hugely beneficial for managing your budget, doing month end, and tracking the status of InnoCare Software’s e-Claims integrations.

There is also a full End of Day suite of reports to run that guides you on things that you should be looking at on a daily basis when closing out your books at the end of the day, but you can read about that here.