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Voicemail is Holding Your Clinic Back

August 12, 2016 | Article | By: Kerrie-Ann Bernard

Technologies are constantly being updated, phased out or completely forgotten altogether--CD-ROMs anyone? It seems that voicemail is next on the list of soon-to-be-obsolete technologies and with good reason; people don’t like it. 


8% drop in voicemails being left year over year.How much do people dislike voicemail exactly? Its use is plummeting across the board, with Vonage reporting that voicemails being left by users have dropped by 8% year over year. Not only are people not leaving voicemails they aren’t retrieving them either, with 14% fewer messages retrieved by users in 2012 over 2011. Moreover, the coveted millennial demographic doesn’t trust voicemail at all finding it annoying, nerve-racking, or just plain uncomfortable. With all this data it’s clear, patients don’t like leaving voicemails and your staff probably dislike retrieving them too. 

Time Draining

Your employees are busy; each moment they spend listening to, transcribing, and returning a voicemail is time not spent caring for your patients. That doesn’t even take into consideration the endless games of phone tag that continue take up time unnecessarily. This is how voicemail becomes a huge drain on time and productivity. This drain has been recognized by large corporations so much so that they are removing voicemail altogether. Coca-Cola removed 94% of its voicemail lines “to simplify… work and increase productivity” with only 6% of its employees lamenting the loss. JP Morgan also opted to end voicemail stating "[w]e realized that hardly anyone uses voice mail anymore...". Removing voicemail then becomes a way to increase the productivity of your already amazing staff; freeing them to do their best work.


So why continue using an increasingly obsolete mode of communication that lacks the personal touch you care so much about? The answer is patient leads. There is, however, an easy solution to keeping patient leads, dropping voicemail, and giving each patient personalized attention--answering the phone. But, how can you always be there for your patients and have great work-life balance? Connect

What's Next?

Potential patient searches your clinic and calls your advertised number. The call is transferred to our amazingly well-trained team. We capture the patient information and put it in an easy-to-use portal.
With Connect’s after-hours call answering service, you capture patient leads and give them personalized attention from trained professionals. You get the best of everything, constant attention for your patients, increased productivity from your employees and a better work-life balance--a win-win-win!


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