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Why Go Digital?

October 19, 2016 | Article | By: Kerrie-Ann Bernard

If you’re a smaller practice, concerned about the cost of going digital or are simply concerned with upsetting your workflow, consider how the right software can work with your current you while also streamlining your practice. A recent study shows that 62.8% of physicians and 50.4% of specialists say that the care they provide has become better since switching to electronic medical records. So aside from better care, what else can going digital do for your clinic? Here are three big pluses to going digital with the right software.


Cloud-based appointment booking allows front desk staff to see all booked appointments and quickly add, change, or reschedule new ones. Not only that, but patient self-booking eases some of the administrative burdens on your front desk staff and reduces no-shows. Add in automated appointment confirmations and reminders and you’re not only freeing staff to focus on caring for patients, but you’re lowering your no-show rate and providing convenience to patients. Not only that but check-ins are a breeze with software that ensures consistent and accurate patient information is entered every time; reducing wait times for patients when they come in for treatment.


Still not convinced software is the better way to go? Consider the ease of finding all your patients’ information, from SOAP notes, to treatment plans to assessment files, all organized, easy to find, and searchable. With software you put an end to sorting through endless piles of paper, that means you don’t have to store physical paper at your clinic, it’s all in the cloud. 


Check-ins and patient file retrieval are easy but what about discharge? Software adds another layer of convenience, integrating claims processing and patient billing. In fact, InnoCare Software has full Telus eClaims integration along with HCAI, OHIP, WSIB, BC Teleplan integrations, allowing you to cut down on any duplication of work. When it comes to submitting a claim, enter the information once, and it’s done! Not only that, Software allows you to quickly look up patients and accurately bill them, all in one place. 

While the decision to go paperless, or at least start the transition, is a big one,  it doesn’t have to be daunting. Hopefully, we’ve highlighted the overwhelming benefits of switching from paper to digital practice management. 

Still not sure how InnoCare Software will work in your clinic? Get in touch.