Illustration of spreadsheet segments connecting with each other in the cloud.

Why Your Clinic Should Be in The Cloud

May 23, 2017 | Article | By: InnoCare

If your clinic isn’t already operating in the cloud, it is simply a matter of time before it gets there. What many clinicians may not realize is that much of our lives already exist in the cloud. Think about this as you send your next web-based email, complete an online banking transaction or make purchases on Ebay or iTunes.

Below are some key points that highlight why businesses are moving to the cloud, and why you might consider doing so as well.


Cloud computing means that your highly confidential clinical data is stored on a centralized server, not at your clinic. For example, all InnoCare Software and Charting+ data is securely stored in Canada. When you use cloud-based storage, your practice management software provider is responsible for maintaining the integrity, security, and accessibility of the system. Highly complex measures are taken to ensure client data remains secure. An added perk of storing your data centrally means you can access it from anywhere and there's no need to use highly insecure third party storage devices (USB, email) to hold sensitive data for transferring information.


Working in the cloud means that you can access your clinical management system and data with any computer with a working Internet connection, at any time, and from any place. This is helpful if you want to finish your days worth of charting at home, if you have multiple locations, or if you need to check something when you're not at your clinic.

Cost Effective

Cloud-based practice management software, like InnoCare Software and InnoCare Charting+, is more cost effective than traditional healthcare practice management software. Instead of maintaining costly hardware infrastructure coupled with the cost of installing and maintaining software, you only have to worry about having a high-quality Internet connection.


Operating in the cloud means that as your clinic grows to add clinicians and new locations, your software service expands too. Scalability means your clinic's growth happens on one platform with consistency across the organization. When you have more than one clinic, scalability means easily connecting with other locations and practitioners on the same system. 


Learn more about growing your clinic with InnoCare Software here.


Environmentally Considerate

If you still aren’t convinced, cloud-computing reduces carbon emissions, an accomplishment credited to not using an entirely independent, in-house server. Your clients will appreciate visiting a clinic that makes environmentally responsible choices.

Whatever your reasons may be, from a clinical point of view, operating in the cloud just makes sense. At a price much lower than traditional practice management software, you will discover flexibility and security in moving your data away from a localized in-clinic server and into the security of the cloud.


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