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Latest Charting+ Release

August 14, 2017 | In the News | By: InnoCare

Our developers here at InnoCare have been very busy adding new Charting+ features and enhancing the platform. Based on feedback from users like you, we have made fantastic additions and updates!

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New Features

Even More Printable Chart Notes

It’s easier than ever to print all your chart notes. Now each completed Assessment, SOAP, and Discharge note have a different printable document available straight from the patient profile page. Just print and go!

Suggested by Waleed, a physiotherapist practicing in Ontario.

Activity Summary

See all your charting activity from the past 48-hours. You’ll notice a new option on your charting dashboard sidebar called “Activity.” Click it to gain access see all your completed notes from the past 48 hours.

Suggested by Kate, a physiotherapist practicing in Ontario.


Charting+ Improvements and Enhancements

Suggested Auto-Generated Provincial Insurance Forms

Auto-generating your forms just got even easier. Charting+ will now suggest the most suitable insurance forms for your patient based on province.

Streamlined Check-in and Front Desk Access

We’ve made two major updates to the check-in process thanks to your feedback. The check-in process is now smoother than ever. Not only that, but front desk staff now have access to patient’s notes once they are completed. It’s easier than ever for your team to check patients in and print your patient’s notes and forms from inside a completed note.

Suggested by Doug, a Chiropractor practicing in Newfoundland.

Added Family Physician & Fax Number

Quickly find and reference the fax number of a patient’s family doctor. A new “Family Physician” field along with fax number has been added to each patient profile and included on your printable Initial Assessment forms.

Suggested by Christina, a physiotherapist practicing in Nova Scotia.


Improved User Interface (UI)

Easy to Navigate Icons

Look for new intuitive icons to help you access note specific actions! Hover over any icon in Charting+ to learn more about its function.

Suggested by Stan a registered massage therapist practicing in British Columbia.

Dashboard Sorting

Instantly find all your notes in the improved dashboard. Your clinician dashboard now sorts open chart notes by appointment date and time; from oldest to newest.

Suggested by Kate, a physiotherapist practicing in Ontario.


Future updates

We’re always improving Charting+ taking into consideration feedback from our users. If you have a suggestion to make Charting+ even better, please provide us with feedback, your ideas could be turned into new or updated features.

Matt, Christina, and Leona keep an eye out for future releases, your feedback has been turned into development items!

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