Image of Kelly Smart and Waleed Abdel-Razek sitting on the InnoCare couch.

Webinar: Live InnoCare Charting+ Demo

June 22, 2017 | In the News | By: Kerrie-Ann Bernard


About the Webinar

Join our Charting+ ambassadors, Kelly and Waleed, for a 20-minute live Charting+ demonstration, showing you how Charting+ helps you stay compliant, do less paperwork, treat more patients.

Originally Aired: Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Duration: 20-minutes

The statistics are staggering, in a recent poll conducted by OntarioMD, 79% of primary care practitioners reported improved or the same level of productivity after switching to an EMR system. 84% of those same respondents reporting equal or improved revenue after implementing EMRs too. Stats like this are why so many clinicians are going paperless and embracing electronic medical records. Enter, Charting+, the only EMR that gets you home early.

In This Webinar, You Will Learn:

  • How to reduce your rejected claims
  • How to stop doing duplicate paperwork
  • How to produce complete third party insurance forms
  • How to stay regulatory college & PIPEDA compliant
  • How to streamline your check-in process

You Will See These Charting+ Features:

  • Auto-generated Forms
  • Professional reports
  • Autofill SOAP Notes
  • Duplicate SOAP Notes
  • Prefiltered Diagnostic codes

About the Presenters

Kelly Smart - Inside Sales Manager

Kelly Smart is the Inside Sales Manager at InnoCare Ltd. With a focus on team building and professional development, Kelly loves to collaborate with clinic owners to optimize their practices. Over the last 10-years in the healthcare sector, Kelly has perfected her operational and process driven growth strategies and continuously encourages her team to excel personally and professionally. Her English charm and keen operational knowledge make Kelly the perfect Charting+ ambassador.




Waleed Abdel-Razek - Physiotherapist

Waleed Abdel-Razek is a Clinic Manager and physiotherapist at Caledonia Physiotherapy. He graduated from the University of Toronto in 2010 with a Master’s of Physiotherapy. Since then he has continued his pursuit of lifelong learning through post-secondary courses (including acupuncture, vestibular rehab, and TMJ treatment). In addition to practicing for several years in Ontario, he has also worked in clinical management in a variety of capacities including mergers and acquisitions as well as project management. Waleed's expert clinical knowledge has made him an integral part of the Charting+ development process.


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