Free Clinician Webinar: 5 Habits of Highly Efficient Front Desk Teams

Webinar: 5 Habits of Highly Efficient Front Desk Teams

September 8, 2017 | Webinar | By: Kerrie-Ann Bernard

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About this Free Clinician Webinar

Kelly Smart and Darya Gunchenko, clinic director at Humber Bay Physio divulge the secrets to turning a medical reception team into your biggest clinic asset. Learn healthcare industry tested tips and tricks to getting the most out of your front desk team.

Date: Friday, September 29th
Time: 3:00 pm EST
Duration: 15-minutes


In This Webinar, You Will Learn

This webinar is perfect for any medical receptionist or front desk person, as well as clinic managers, owners or directors. Learn the valuable tips Darya used to transformed the way her clinic runs. How Connect Call Answering helped her team be their most efficient by better managing their workload, preventing burnout, improving communications and best of all increasing patient satisfaction. You will learn these 5 daily habits of highly effective front desk teams:

  1. Take initiative
  2. Prioritize your time
  3. Look for “Win-win” opportunities
  4. Favour accuracy over speed 
  5. Speak up! 

About the Presenters

Portrait photo of Kelly Smart, InnoCare Inside Sales ManagerKelly Smart - Inside Sales Manager

Kelly Smart is the Inside Sales Manager at InnoCare Ltd. With a focus on team building and professional development, Kelly loves to collaborate with clinic owners to optimize their practices. Over the last 10-years in the healthcare sector, Kelly has perfected her operational and process driven growth strategies and continuously encourages her team to excel personally and professionally.




Portrait photo of Darya Gunchenko - Clinic Director Humber Bay PhysioDarya Gunchenko - Clinic Director Humber Bay Physio

As clinic owner and director, Darya runs a busy physiotherapy clinic in the Greater Toronto Area, managing more than seven clinicians all with significant caseloads. Darya has extensive clinic management experience in the physical rehabilitation sector. She excels at finding and implementing clinical efficiencies that also improve patient care.

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