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Webinar: 6 Easy Steps to Improve your Clinic's Financial Health

August 2, 2017 | Webinar | By: Kerrie-Ann Bernard

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About This Webinar

Join Kelly Smart, Tara Reynolds, an accounts receivable representative and InnoCare subscriber with over 5 years experience, and Jenna Young InnoCare support team lead, as they share 6 easy to implement tips to improve your clinic’s financial health

Originally Aired: Friday, August 25, 2017

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Improve your clinic’s cash flow
  • Effectively bill and collect payments
  • Reduce rejected claims
  • Maximize your schedule
  • Build a strong client base

The nature of physiotherapy work has drastically changed in Canada over the last few decades. Between 1996 and 2002 alone, the number of PTs working in the private sector grew from 40.4% to 45.2% a number that has surely grown since then. It’s no surprise that physiotherapy is the 5th largest regulated occupation in Canada. Most clinicians we speak to on a daily basis are business savvy for sure, but do not come from a financial background. With more and more physios and other wellness professionals setting up clinics we thought it important to share what we know about improving the financial health of clinics.

This webinar will focus on easy to implement tips to get any allied health clinic on the road to financial health.


About the Presenters

Portrait photo of Kelly Smart, InnoCare Inside Sales ManagerKelly Smart - Inside Sales Manager

Kelly Smart is the Inside Sales Manager at InnoCare Ltd. With a focus on team building and professional development, Kelly loves to collaborate with clinic owners to optimize their practices. Over the last 10-years in the healthcare sector, Kelly has perfected her operational and process driven growth strategies and continuously encourages her team to excel personally and professionally.


Portrait photo of Jenna Young InnoCare Software Support SupervisorJenna Young -  InnoCare Software Support Supervisor

Jenna Young is the InnoCare Software Support Supervisor. Jenna’s strong communication and management skills are a key to her success as InnoCare Software’s support team leader.  She brings enthusiasm to any situation and enjoys taking on new and exciting challenges. Jenna’s keen knowledge of technology makes her the perfect InnoCare Software ambassador.

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Portrait photo of Tara Reynolds Accounts Receivable Representative Tara Reynolds - Accounts Receivable Representative

Tara Reynolds is an Accounts Receivable Representative at pt Health. Tara has taken on a number of administrative roles at the clinic level. Throughout her 5-year career, Tara has worked in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Ontario. With intensive real-world experience spanning several provinces, Tara brings a wealth of knowledge and practical advice to every situation.

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