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Webinar: How to Fill Your Schedule & Deliver Personalized Care with Your EMR

October 13, 2017 | Webinar | By: Kerrie-Ann Bernard

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About this Free Clinician Webinar

It seems simple enough, increase your caseload, and you’ll increase your profits, or will you? If done right, seeing more patients per hour can significantly grow your clinic's revenue with no impact on patient care. But all too often, it leads to overbooked clinicians being unable to deliver high-quality care, unhappy patients, and clinician burnout. The temporary increase in revenue you get from stuffing your schedule could lead to long-term harm, ultimately causing your caseload, your bottom line, and your reputation to plummet. In this webinar, we show you how to increase your caseload the right way.

Join Bradley Robles, manager of three interdisciplinary physiotherapy clinics in the Toronto area. Bradley will share his secret to sustainably growing his clinician's caseloads while avoiding burnout and continuing to deliver the high-quality personalized care 42% of Canadians want.

Originally Aired: Friday, November 3rd
Duration: 20-minutes

In this webinar:

We’ll show you how to use available (low cost) EMR technology to increase your caseload without overfilling your scheduling or sacrificing quality patient care. You’ll learn practical tips you can implement right now that will enable you to:

  • Chart faster, save up to 1 hour a day and focus more time on direct patient care

  • Increase your treatable hours by spending less time on paperwork

  • Lift the burden of college and government regulations like CASL, PIPEDA, HIPPA

  • Meet patient expectations of modern personalized healthcare

  • Save you up to $620 per month in patient information storage

  • Provide personalized patient-focused communication


About the Presenters

Portrait of Lauren Beckett, Special Projects ManagerLauren Beckett - Special Projects Manager

Lauren Beckett has extensive experience in Canadian healthcare sector including insurer relations, health networks manager, communications and business development coordinator, and now through her management of strategic development as special projects manager. Lauren brings her in-depth knowledge of provincial, federal, and regulatory college regulations as well as her strategic planning skills this webinar.




Portrait photo of Bradley RoblesBradley Robles - Physiotherapist

Bradley Robles is a Clinic Manager and physiotherapist with 7-years clinical experience. He graduated from the University of Toronto in 2010 with a Masters of Science in Physiotherapy. Bradley has extensive experience as both a treating physiotherapist, regional clinic director, and clinic manager. Bradley has a proven track record of improving clinic operations while supporting his staff in the delivery of personalized active approach to rehabilitation.



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