Assist Managed Clinic Services

Assist is perfect for clinics that are overwhelmed by administrative tasks. Whether you’re an experienced clinic owner or just starting out, Assist eliminates wasted hours and lowers overhead costs so you can take your clinic to the next level.

InnoCare clinic management software on desktop and laptop

InnoCare Software

Manage your staff, your finances, and your patients all in one place. InnoCare Software makes clinic management easy. Spend less time on administration and more time doing the work you love with the help of these features:

  • Customizable scheduling
  • Patient and clinician management
  • Direct billing integrations (HCAI, TELUS eClaims, Teleplan & more)
  • Robust reporting on every clinic detail
  • Customizable charting
  • Data migration from any previous clinic management software
  • Mac and PC compatible
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InnoCare Charting Plus software being displayed on desktop and on a tablet

InnoCare Charting+

Charting+ doesn’t just take your notes; it uses them to do work for you while anticipating your every need. Spend less time on paperwork and more time doing the work you love with the help of these features:

  • Auto-generate forms workplace injury & MVA forms from your completed chart notes
  • Autosave your open chart notes every 60-seconds
  • Produce professional, editable PDFs of Initial Assessment at the push of a button
  • Filter pre-programed diagnostic codes by province and funding stream
  • Carry over your objective findings & treatment plan from Ax notes to new SOAP notes
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IT Support & Training

With Assist, training and IT support are included. Access an extensive library of training documents and videos, get technical support or reach out to our Customer Support Team to answer all your questions.

  • One-on-one software training for your team
  • Extensive digital library of training videos
  • Detailed training documents and quick guides
  • Unlimited InnoCare Software support
  • Unlimited InnoCare Charting+ support
  • Phone hardware and network support
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No more paperwork, no more following up with adjusters, just more free time to take care of patients. Our centralized team of specialists ensures your billing gets done quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

  • Patient intake and other forms provided
  • Motor vehicle accident billing
  • Motor vehicle accident third party billing
  • Workers compensation billing
  • Government health plan billing
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Connect Call Answering & Patient Booking

Never miss a new patient call again, just forward your calls and our specially trained agents will do the rest. They answer as your clinic, take messages, provide detailed information about your clinic, and take care of lengthy assessment bookings.

  • Customized call routing with our enterprise phone system
  • Anytime coverage, after hours, weekends, and holidays
  • Direct booking into your schedule
  • Special greeting tailored to your clinic
  • Canadian call center with agents specially trained to take healthcare calls
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Payroll processing & Benefits

Our team handles all your payroll processing needs while extended health benefits make sure your staff is happy and healthy.

  • Bi-weekly payroll processing
  • Staff payroll and benefits plan onboarding
  • Extended health benefit plans for single person or families
InnoCare Clinic marketing feature being used to display clinic information and accept online bookings


Grow and retain your patient base. With InnoCare Assist you get access to a library of professional marketing materials, email marketing for your clinic and membership in our Boost preferred provider network.

  • Email marketing platform
  • Online directory listings for your clinic
  • Boost preferred provider network membership
  • Marketing templates to create your own branded brochures and posters
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