Employee Health Benefits

Canadian extended health benefits for your employees. Provide coverage for health and medical expenses not covered by provincial health insurance plans. We offer cost-effective coverage for everyone at your clinic with our exclusive group rates.

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Why Provide Health Benefits?

As a healthcare practitioner, investing in staff health insurance shows employees that you value their health and wellness. But there are benefits for you too; you’ll set yourself apart from other employers, decrease absenteeism, and increase employee morale.

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of employers who offered benefits experienced a drop in employee absenteeism


reported increased employee morale.


small to mid-size businesses offer benefits

Are InnoCare's Benefits right for my Clinic?

Best for:
  • Clinic owners wanting to add significant value to their employment packages
  • Clinic owners or sole practitioners looking for a low-cost extended health benefits plan
What Coverage is included?
  • Healthcare: Unlimited maximum, 80% reimbursement, 80% paramedical services, $750 per year combined
  • Dental: 80% preventative care and basic services, $1000 per calendar year, recall every 9 months
  • Vision: $150 of vision care available every 24 months
  • Travel: $3, 000, 000 out of Canada emergency, 60-day maximum trip length

Plans That Include Benefits

Want to offer extended health benefits to your employees? Whether you are a sole practitioner or own multiple clinics, we have plans to suit every need.

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  • Employee Health Benefits
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Have a Question About Benefits?

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