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Why should I provide benefits to my staff?

Not only does it increase overall compensation for your employees in a tax efficient manner, but it also boosts employee morale, and improves overall health and wellness. Studies have shown that employers see a 40% drop in employee absenteeism among other benefits.

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What are the tax implications? Will I be taxed if I offer extended health benefits for my employees?

Benefits are a tax deductible expense to the clinic. If you were to give your employees a $1,000 raise, there would be payroll fees and taxes associated. $1,000 contributed towards benefits is 100% tax deductible to you and received tax-free by employees, including shareholder-employees.

Why should I choose this over an individual group plan?

By grouping your clinic with hundreds of other clinics across Canada, you are getting a better price than you could achieve on your own.

What does the plan cover?

The extended health benefits plan offers prescription drug, dental, paramedical, and vision coverage. It also includes life and travel insurance.

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Is there coverage for a couple?

Yes, our family coverage is designed for couples as well as families.

Is there a limit on dependents for family coverage?


Is there a limit on how many employees I can have on the plan?


What is the minimum number of employees required for a plan?

There is a minimum of two employees needed for the traditional plan.

What if I’m a sole practitioner with no employees?

We offer a flex plan for sole practitioners, contact our Customer Engagement Team for more details.

What if I can’t or don’t want to provide coverage to all members of my staff?

You must enroll all full-time employees in a particular class. A class of employees is a grouping based on specific roles at the clinic. A full-time employee is anyone that works 21 hours or more per week.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel the plan at any time. You are required to provide 30-day’s notice written notice.

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