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How does Connect work?

Using Connect is as easy as forwarding your calls to us. No special equipment is needed.

Where is your call centre based?

Our call centre is located in Hamilton, Ontario.

Can I leave Connect on all day?

Yes, many of our clients use Connect as their primary call answering service. But, you can use Connect as much or as little as you want or need to.

Can I add more clinic locations?

Yes, Connect expands with your clinic so you can add as many additional locations as you like. Each additional clinic is charged as an individual account and given a separate online portal to help keep things organized.

What languages do agents speak?

Connect is available primarily in English. However, if your clinic has special language requirements we may be able to accommodate you, just let us know.

Does my fee fluctuate based on usage?

No. No matter how many calls your clinic gets, the charge does not change. After all, we want you to use Connect as much as you need to, whenever you need to, without the fear of overage charges.

Am I ever charged per call?

No, with Connect you are charged a monthly flat fee that includes unlimited calls.

Am I ever charged per minute?

Never, your monthly fee covers all of your calls regardless of length. Our agents’ primary goal is to provide expert customer care. They will stay on the line for as long as the caller needs, so they feel they’ve received the information they require.

Is there a limit to how many calls you will answer?

No, our job is to answer your calls when you can’t. We will gladly answer as many calls as you can send us.

Can I have a custom greeting for my clinic?

Absolutely! Every aspect of the patient experience is completely customizable from the initial greeting they hear when they call all the way through to the scripting our agents use.

My business isn’t health related, can I still use Connect?

Yes. Contact our Customer Engagement Team to discuss the specific needs of your business. While our Call Centre Agents are trained to answer healthcare related questions, they are certainly diverse in their skills and are always willing to add more knowledge to their library.

Can you book new patient assessments into my schedule?

Yes, if you use InnoCare Software we can book new assessments directly into your schedule.

Learn more about InnoCare Software >

Can you book existing patients into my schedule?

If you’re an InnoCare Software customer, we can book directly into your schedule! Connect and InnoCare software work seamlessly together, so not only do you never have to return another voicemail, but you’ll arrive at your clinic to a full schedule too!

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How do I manage my calls and messages?

You can access and manage all of your messages in the InnoCare Customer Portal.

Log into the InnoCare Clinic Portal >

How does the InnoCare Clinic Portal work?

You are given a unique login to our secure online portal. In the portal, you can see all your calls in one place. Here you can access relevant demographic information about each patient call so you can immediately follow up. Then mark your messages as read, unread, or simply delete them.

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