Benefits of Engage Email Marketing

Engage clinic email marketing delivers peace of mind and efficiency to the busy practitioner. Engage is for you if you value regular communications with your patients but lack the time and resource to meticulously craft an email campaign.

increase return visits

Improve Patient Visit Average

Keep patients coming back with no added effort. Engage sends regular trigger based emails to update on progress, suggest exercises and the benefits of returning for future appointments.

Stop Self Discharges

Stop Self Discharges

Manage patient fall-off. Engage automatically reaches out when your patient has missed an appointment with a gentle message to reschedule and attend.

Improve Product Sales

Improve Product Sales

Recommend healthcare products that are relevant to your patients’ condition. Sometimes a patient needs more information to make healthcare product purchase. They get it with Engage.

Cross Sell Clinic Services

Cross Sell Clinic Services

Help your patients with their recovery goals by recommending other clinic services. Engage can be configured to reach out to your patient with a timely cross clinic service suggestion.

Maintain Patient Relationships

Maintain Patient Relationships

Keep constant contact with Engage emails. Reinforce your clinic’s professionalism and dedication to your patient’s health and recovery.

Get More Referrals

Get More Referrals

Thoughtful and relevant communications support your clinic’s effort in building meaningful relationships with your patient base, which leads to patient referrals and recommendations.

How Engage Works

Engage pulls key information from Charting+ to make custom tailored email communications for each patient. It automatically sends custom emails to your selected patients based on your treatment plan and their actions.

With Engage You Can

  • Maintain relationships
  • Recommend products
  • Cross refer clinic services
  • Reach out when patients “fall-off”

Engage is the easiest way to deliver the one on one customized attention your patients expect and that is proven to increase clinic revenue.

Example of an Email Marketing Journey

Every Engage journey is different because no two patients are alike. Integrated with InnoCare Charting+, trigger based custom tailored emails are sent at specific time intervals during the patient’s treatment journey.

Flow chart of InnoCare's Engage clinic email marketing process Request more information to view the full diagram.

Engage is fully automated and personalized to each patient. Strategically designed to increase clinic revenue, Engage helps clinicians maintain relationships, recommend products and more. No two journeys are the same, but you can expect your patients to receive some of these communications.

Example of InnoCare's Engage clinic welcome email

Welcome Email

Say hello and make a great first impression with every patient. When you turn Engage on, patients get an email that welcomes them to your clinic and provides all your contact information.

  • Regularly communicate with patients without draining clinic resources
  • Remind patients of in-clinic cross referrals and suggested healthcare products
InnoCare engage clinic email marketing message

Treatment Reminder

Leverage your existing patients by simply reminding them to continue their care. Engage knows when a patient has missed an appointment and automatically reaches with a gentle message to reschedule and attend.

  • Make sure patients complete their treatment plans
  • Increase the average number of treatments per patient
InnoCare clinic email marketing in inbox

Treatment Complete

Celebrate your patients’ achievements. When discharged, Engage sends patients their outcome measures, so they know just how far they’ve come with your help.

  • Show the value of your care
  • Leave a lasting impression
Screenshot of InnoCare clinic email marketing

Comeback Email

Win back self-discharged patients with no added effort. Engage knows when a patient hasn’t adhered to their treatment plan and reminds them to come back for treatment.

  • Put an end to patient self-discharge
  • Reinforce your dedication to your patients’ health and recovery

Get Started, Use Charting+

Engage and Charting+ work together to create personalized email journeys for your patients. Specifically designed for Canadian clinicians, Charting+ automates tasks to reduce repetitive tasks and paperwork

Lady using InnoCare's Charting Plus clinic software

Charting+ isn’t just another EMR; it’s intelligent charting that saves you time with features like:

  • Built-in Compliance
  • Auto-generate Forms
  • Autosave Chart Notes
  • Professional Reports
  • Autofill & Duplicate SOAP Notes
  • Prefiltered Diagnostic Codes
Learn more about Charting+

Recommended by:

Kate Johnston physiotherapist at Springbank Physiotherapy


It has been such a refreshing and smooth transition in moving our charting to Innocare Charting +. I find the Assessment charting moves quickly and efficiently. I really like that the Assessment Report is generated right away and I can complete it right then and there.

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