The Features You’ll Love

InnoCare products make clinic management easy. Full billing integration with HCAI, WSIB, OHIP, TELUS Health eClaims, & Teleplan. Access patient information directly from reports then edit, update, or add a payment. Invite-only online booking puts an end to no-shows. Spend less time on billing and more time doing the work you love with the help of these features:



Real-time claim verification with HCAI, Telus eClaims, Teleplan, WSIB and OHIP. No more waiting. Get aged A/R under control.



Stay on top of daily paperwork with our End of Day Report, or build custom reports to monitor key performance indicators. You can even access and update patient files right from reports.



Create custom charting templates for each of your clinicians. Convert your favourite paper chart into a digital template, it’s easy and there’s no extra charge.



An appointment book so powerful it can run your whole clinic. Monitor clinician capacity, see appointments for the day, week, or month, and let patients book themselves with online booking.

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Maximize efficiency and track staff productivity. Our built-in management tools make it easy to assign and follow up on tasks.

Recommended by Clinicians

Over 1100 clinicians use InnoCare Software at 480 health, wellness, and physical rehabilitation clinics across Canada. Our Software for clinic management is used by physiotherapy clinics, chiropractic clinics, occupational therapy clinics, sports rehabilitation clinics and many more.

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Portrait photo of Natalie Natalie Popkie Physiotherapist at Physio Solutions
“InnoCare Software gives me all the tools I need including paperless charting, reliable instant backups, e-billing, financial reports, and more. Not only does InnoCare Software meet all these needs, the staff is always available to help us with technical support and training. I can't say enough about InnoCare Software: a powerful program and professional staff in my back pocket!”
InnoCare's clinic billing solution


Offer direct billing without added admin strain. InnoCare software keeps all your patient insurance and payment records in one place. No logging into portals, no added work, just added customer care.

  • HCAI, WSIB, OHIP, TELUS E-Claims, and Teleplan integration with real-time communications!
  • Track combined coverage limits for 3rd party benefits
  • Charge for appointments and products then send a custom e-receipt
InnoCare clinic software report on laptop


Use our report templates or create custom reports for every aspect of your clinic. Keep tabs on product sales, clinician activity, and patient self-discharge.

  • Access patient information directly from reports then edit, update, or add a payment
  • Track clinician activity and performance to see who your superstars are
  • Preloaded end of day report makes sure all daily tasks are complete
  • Create and save custom reports for in-depth information on any part of your clinic
Screenshot of InnoCare clinic management software data entry screen


Create custom charting templates for each clinician and auto populate assessment and billing forms.

  • Make custom charting templates for each practitioner
  • Access your charts from anywhere with built-in cloud storage
  • Create and submit OCF-18 and OCF-23 forms directly to HCAI from InnoCare Software
Screenshot of InnoCare's clinic appointment feature


Keep a full schedule and maximize clinic capacity with our customizable calendar. View your schedule any way you like. See only available appointment spaces, see what's booked for today, view your whole week at a glance, or zone in on one clinician and see if they're at capacity.

  • Invite-only online booking puts an end to no-shows
  • Book recurring appointments to ensure patients keep returning
  • Access & update patient files directly from appointment book
  • Set capacity limits for each clinician to prevent overbooking
InnoCare's clinic management tool screenshot


Effortlessly manage your team or multiple clinics from one location. Built-in management tools like tasks, clinician compensation calculators, and custom workflows will keep you on top of everything.

  • Assign tasks to staff and run reports to see upcoming, completed and overdue tasks
  • Set clinician capacity, availability, and compensation type.
  • Track activity and performance for each of your practitioners
  • Custom workflows for repetitive tasks (like fitting orthotics) make sure you follow up with patients every time
Photo of InnoCare Clinic Consultants Jeff Smith, Dujon Williams, John Parker, Karen Adamo, and Mehdi Salari

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