Save time, treat more

We mean it when we say Charting+ is the only EMR that gets you home early. Not only will you chart faster, but you'll do less paperwork and have fewer rejected claims.

  • Reduce Rejected Claims: Put an end to rejected provincial workplace injury and motor vehicle insurance claims.
    Our pre-programmed charting templates will guide you to ask all necessary questions.
  • No More Duplicate Paperwork: Enter your patient information once and be done with it. Charting+ transfers the information you've entered to fill out forms, autofill SOAP notes, and generate forms.
  • Stay College & PIPEDA Compliant: With Charting+ you can create complete, regulatory college compliant and defensible chart notes. We make sure you always meet all regulatory college and privacy guidelines (including PIPEDA) with constant updates.


These Charting+ features will help you save time!

  • Autogenerated Forms:: Generate provincial workplace injury & motor vehicle insurance forms from your completed chart notes in a single click! Charting software fills out third party insurance forms for you using Assessment or SOAP notes.
  • Drawable Body Man: Charting+ allows you to draw directly on the body man to highlight specific areas of pain, helping you save time and reduce paper.
  • E-Fax: Maintain and build relationships with referral partners, by sharing patient updates and notes via eFax.
    Charting+ automatically adds every eFax to the patient record, maintaining regulatory standards.
  • Autosave Chart Notes: Never worry about losing patient information again. Charting+ autosaves your open chart notes and stores them to finish later. Secure cloud-based storage means you can access your data from anywhere.
  • Professional Reports: Charting+ makes it easy to transform your notes into professional and password protected PDF reports that are simple to edit, print, fax, or securely share electronically with referring physicians.
  • Seamless Treatment Plans: Cut down double entries with note duplication and auto-populated SOAP notes.
    Charting+ takes your completed assessment notes and automatically transfers key information to every new SOAP note.
  • Dynamic Diagnostic Codes: Charting+ is preloaded with every diagnostic code, filtered by province and funding stream, to help you easily map complex treatment plans and ensure you ask all the right questions.

Ready to save time and treat more? Call us at 1-877-454-9870 ext.2 to speak to a Charting+ Support representative and get started today.

InnoCare's Charting Plus EMR software showing a generate pdf form option

FAQs About InnoCare Charting+

Who can use Charting+? Charting+ is geared towards allied health professionals across all Canadian provinces. However, other health disciplines such as physicians or nurse practitioners may find it useful depending on their area of practice. Practitioners currently using Charting+ include Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Massage Therapists, Osteopaths, Kinesiologists, Dieticians and Kinesiologists, and more. How do I get Charting+? You can create your Charting+ account and start a 30-day free trial any time by filling out the form on the right. If you decide to subscribe to Charting+, we can carry over any data inputted during the trial to your live subscription. That includes any SOAP notes, Assessment notes, Discharge notes, and patient intake information. How does InnoCare store my patient information? All patient information securely stored in our database located in Canada. How does InnoCare keep my data secure? We go to great lengths to ensure your information is safe and secure, complying with all federal and provincial requirements. At the individual clinic level, InnoCare Software is designed so access to your clinic data is limited by logins that only administrator(s) at your location can create. Is my data backed up? Yes, we backup our full server and database weekly while also doing an incremental backup (full server, and database changes) nightly. Where are your servers located? Our servers are based in Canada. Do I need an Internet connection to use Charting+? Charting+ is a cloud-based web application, that means you need to have a steady Internet connection and cannot work offline. Is Charting+ PIPEDA compliant? Yes, Charting+ meet requirements set out in PIPEDA. What is PIPEDA? PIPEDA stands for Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. It is Canadian federal privacy legislation for private-sector organizations. It lays out the rules and regulations for how businesses must handle personal information in the course of their business activity. What forms are included in Charting+? We are always expanding which forms are included in Charting+ but right now we have Initial Assessment reports in addition to these provincial forms:
  • Alberta - AB-2, AB-3 ,AB-4
  • Ontario - WSIB (FAF, Low Back POC Initial, Low Back POC Outcome Report MSK POC Discharge, MSK POC Initial Assessment, Shoulder POC Assessment Form, Shoulder POC Outcome Form) MVA (OCF-18, OCF-23, OCF-24)
  • BC - WSBC Discharge, WSBC Extension Request, WSBC Post Surgical Initial, and WSBC Standard Initial Report.
  • Nova Scotia - NS-2, NS-3, NS-4, NS-5
What file are the forms in? The forms are in PDF format. What devices can I use Charting+ on? Charting+ will operate on any device connected to the Internet, including computers and laptops, as well as tablets and smartphones running on Android or iOS. How long are your contracts? Charting+ is billed on a month-to-month basis.

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If you have any further questions about Charting+, or if you're ready to join today, then give us a call at
1-877-454-9870 ext.2 to speak to a Charting+ Support representative.