The Features You’ll Love

Charting+ isn’t just a digital version of your paper notes, it’s intelligent charting specifically designed for Canadian clinicians. Spend less time on paperwork and more time doing the work you love with the help of these features:

Built-in Compliance

Built-in Compliance

Assessment forms change based on your province and funding stream making sure you ask all the right questions to stay regulatory college compliant.

Auto-Generate Forms

Auto-generate Forms

Your complete Assessment notes automatically fill out provincial workplace injury & motor vehicle insurance forms for you.

Autosave Chart Notes

Autosave Chart Notes

Never worry about lost patient data again. Charting+ securely saves open notes every 60-seconds to Canadian servers.

Professional Reports

Professional Reports

Wow doctors and show that their patients are in good hands with professional PDF initial assessment and discharge reports.

Autofill & Duplicate SOAP Notes

Autofill & Duplicate SOAP Notes

Your objective findings & treatment plan automatically transfer to new SOAP notes from completed AX notes. Better yet, you can duplicate SOAP notes in a single click.

Prefiltered Diagnostic Codes

Prefiltered Diagnostic Codes

Charting+ has every diagnostic code preloaded and automatically filtered by province and funding stream. You can even select up to 25 diagnostic codes per patient

Benefits of Using Charting+ at Your Clinic

We mean it when we say Charting+ is the only EMR that gets you home early. Not only will you chart faster, but you'll also do less paperwork and have fewer rejected claims.


Reduce Rejected Claims

Put an end to rejected provincial workplace injury and motor vehicle insurance claims. Just chart and our pre-programmed dynamic charting templates will guide you to ask all necessary questions.


No More Duplicate Paperwork

Enter your patient information once and be done with it. No more copy and paste, InnoCare’s charting software, Charting+ transfers the information you’ve already entered to fill out your forms, autofill your SOAP notes and generate forms.


Stay Regulatory College & PIPEDA Compliant

Simply by charting you create complete, regulatory college compliant and defensible chart notes. We make sure you meet all regulatory college and privacy guidelines (including PIPEDA) with constant updates.

Charting+ Frequently Asked Questions

InnoCare's Charting Plus EMR software showing a generate pdf form option
Does Charting+ work on both Mac and PCs? Yes, Charting+ is compatible with both Mac and PC based devices. What devices can I use with Charting+? Charting+ will operate on any device that can access the Internet including computers, laptops as well as tablets and smartphones running Android or iOS. What forms are included in Charting+? Charting+ assists with the completion of workplace injury and motor vehicle clinician forms for British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Ontario. Do you offer a free trial? Yes, a free 30-day trial option is available. Better yet, we can carry over any data inputted during the trial to your live subscription. That includes any SOAP notes, Assessment notes, Discharge notes, and patient intake information. Do I need an Internet connection to use Charting+? Can I work offline? Charting+ is a cloud-based web application, that means you need to have a steady Internet connection and cannot work offline. What happens if I lose my Internet connection while I’m charting? Charting+ automatically saves your open chart notes every 60-seconds. If you have an internet outage, the autosave function will make sure that any work you've completed will be saved with minimal data loss. Who can use Charting+? Charting+ is geared towards allied health professionals across all Canadian provinces. However, other health disciplines such as physicians or nurse practitioners may find it useful depending on their area of practice. Practitioners currently using Charting+ include Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Massage Therapists, Osteopaths, Kinesiologists, Dieticians and Kinesiologists, and more.

I’ve tried a lot of different PT software for SOAP notes, and Charting+ is hands down my favourite one. For me, it’s the best physiotherapy SOAP note app on the market
-- Will, PT from Ontario

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