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How does InnoCare store my patient information?

All patient information securely stored in our database located in Canada.

How does InnoCare keep my data secure?

We go to great lengths to ensure your information is safe and secure, complying with all federal and provincial requirements. At the individual clinic level, Charting+ is designed so logins limit access to your clinic data that only administrator(s) at your location can create.

Is my data backed up?

Yes, your data is backed up by Charting+’s autosave feature every 60-seconds and stored on Canadian servers.

Does Charting+ work when I’m offline?

Charting+ is a standalone web application that requires an internet connection to operate

How long are your contracts?

All of our plans are billed on a month-to-month basis. Learn more about our plans here.

Where are your servers located?

Our servers are located in Canada.

How do I get Charting+?

You can create your Charting+ account and start your 30-day free trial any time by clicking here.

Is Charting+ PIPEDA compliant?

Yes, Charting+ meets requirements set out in PIPEDA.

What is PIPEDA?

PIPEDA stands for Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. It is Canadian federal privacy legislation for private-sector organizations. It lays out the rules and regulations for how businesses must handle personal information in the course their business activity.

Learn more about PIPEDA.

Do I need to worry about PIPEDA compliance?

Yes, both as a private-sector business and as a healthcare practitioner you need to be aware of and compliant with PIPEDA legislation.

Who can use Charting+?

The system is geared towards allied health professionals across all provinces (ie: Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Massage Therapists, Osteopaths, Kinesiologists, Dieticians and Kinesiologists among many). However, other health disciplines like physicians and nurse practitioners may find it useful depending on their area of practice.

What forms are included in Charting+?

We are always expanding which forms are included in Charting+ but right now we have Initial Assessment reports in addition to these provincial forms:

Alberta - AB-2, AB-3 ,AB-4,

Ontario - WSIB (FAF, Low Back POC Initial, Low Back POC Outcome Report MSK POC Discharge, MSK POC Initial Assessment, Shoulder POC Assessment Form, Shoulder POC Outcome Form) MVA (OCF-18, OCF-23, OCF-24)

BC - WSBC Discharge, WSBC Extension Request, WSBC Post Surgical Initial, and WSBC Standard Initial Report.

Nova Scotia - NS-2, NS-3, NS-4, NS-5

For the latest information on Charting+ updates, see our Release Notes here.

What if a form I use isn’t in Charting+?

Charting+ is an ever evolving platform, and while we want to maintain the integrity of the software, we are always looking for ways to make it more applicable to any practice.

What file format are the forms in?

The forms are all in PDF format.

Can I print forms from Charting+?

Yes, you can print professional forms and chart notes directly from Charting+.

Can I fax forms from Charting+?

Charting+ does not sync with fax machines. However, you can print forms to fax.

How does Charting+ generate forms from my notes?

In Charting+ you'll see a small "i" icon near a field, which indicates that Charting+ will use that information to complete a form for you. All forms produced are editable, so incorrect or additional information can always be added after the fact.

Is Charting+ customizable?

No, Charting+ is not customizable because it fills out your forms and integrates with Engage email marketing. But, our team of developers are always looking for feedback on how to make Charting+ even better.

Leave Charting+ feedback here.

Does Charting+ work on both Mac and PCs?

Yes, Charting+ is compatible with both Mac and PC based devices.

What devices can I use with Charting+?

Charting+ will operate on any device that can access the Internet including computers, laptops as well as tablets and smartphones running Android or iOS.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, a free 30-day trial option is available. Better yet, we can carry over any data inputted during the trial to your live subscription. That includes any SOAP notes, Assessment notes, Discharge notes, and patient intake information.

What happens if I lose my Internet connection while I’m charting?

Charting+ automatically saves your open chart notes every 60-seconds. If you have an internet outage, the autosave function will make sure that any work you've completed will be saved with minimal data loss.

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