What Can Charting+ Do?

Charting+ isn’t just a digital version of your paper notes, it’s intelligent charting specifically designed for Canadian clinicians. Spend less time on paperwork and more time doing the work you love with the help of these features:

Screenshot of options to find additional InnoCare forms

Auto-generate Forms

Generate provincial workplace injury & motor vehicle insurance forms from your completed chart notes in a single click!

  • Charting software fills out third party insurance forms for you using Assessment or SOAP notes
  • Choose from a list of forms from Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia & Alberta

Why it matters:

Cut your paperwork in half, put an end to double entries, and reduce clerical errors.

InnoCare's Charting Plus open chart notes screenshot


Never worry about lost patient information again, Charting+ autosaves your open chart notes and stores them to finish later.

  • Autosaves open chart notes every 60 seconds
  • Secure cloud-based storage means you can access your data from anywhere
  • All of your information is stored in Canada

Why it matters:

Never worry about losing patient data again, autosave has your back.

Screenshot of InnoCare's clinic software patient assessment report

Professional Reports

Charting+ makes it easy to transform your notes into professional PDF reports that are simple to edit, print, fax, or securely share electronically with referring physicians.

  • Charting+ automatically transfers information from your complete notes to Initial Assessment reports
  • Produce professional quality password protected PDFs

Why it matters:

Keep referring physicians in the loop with professional Initial Assessment forms.

Screenshot of InnoCare's software showing the patient assessment note feature

Seamless Treatment Plans

Charting+ takes your completed Assessment notes and automatically transfers key information to every new SOAP note.

  • Ax auto-populates SOAP and D/C
  • Objective findings and treatment plan fields automatically copy from Ax note to new SOAP notes
  • Duplicate past Assessment and SOAP notes

Why it matters:

Cut down double entries and tiresome paperwork with note duplication and auto-populated SOAP notes.

InnoCare software patient assessment screenshot

Dynamic Diagnostic Codes

We've preloaded Charting+ with every diagnostic code and, to make your life even easier, filtered them for you by province and funding stream.

  • Map complex treatment plans with up to pre-filtered 25 diagnostic codes per patient!
  • Diagnostic codes filter based on patient's province and funding stream
  • Dynamic charting templates update based on province and funding stream

Why it matters:

Easily map complex treatment plans with dynamic charting templates that make sure you ask all the right questions to streamline affiliated paperwork.

InnoCare software neurological testing feature

Neurological Testing

In-depth neurological testing is a breeze with our comprehensive Neurological testing section that includes:

  • Expanded section includes Myotomes, Dermatomes, Reflexes, Sensation & Neurodynamic Testing!
  • Notes are automatically transferred to each new SOAP note for reference.

Why it matters:

Take incredibly detailed notes to help track patient progress and quickly reference data in each new SOAP note.

Compatible & Canadian

Charting+ plays nice with everyone. Run it your Mac or PC, using your favorite web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Safari. For even more mobility, use Charting+ on your favorite mobile tablet devices running: Android Galaxy 6.0 and iOS 9.x (and newer).

Charting+ is made in Canada and your data is stored here too!

Still Have a Question About Charting+?

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